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August 15, 2018
We are preparing to go on the Fall Break.  I want to personally thank all the members of the Parent's Guild for all their hard work in creating our highly successful Carnival.  This hard work makes it possible for the students to go on field trips.  Without all this support the school would not be able to do many of the things that we currently get to participate in. 
When we return to school we will be participating in the Red Ribbon Week activities.  The California Highway Patrol is planning on bringing a surprise out to the students during the Red Ribbon week.  Please help us to help your students stay healthy by making good life choices.
This November 11th will be the 100th Anniversary of Armistice/Veteran's Day.  We will be celebrating this event on 9 November with the students.  We are working to make this a memorable event for the students.  Parents are welcome to attend.  We will be recognizing family members who have served and are striving to have a museum in the Memorial Building for this event.  If you have memorabilia that you would like to donate or share with the school please contact either myself or Mrs. Rhonda Finfrock. 
We also had a Town Hall meeting for the Agricultural Program.  Mr. David Roberts has graciously donated 4.65 acres to the school, and we want to make sure that we utilize this gift in a most efficient and educationally appropriate manner.  We would greatly appreciate technical and community based support as we move forward.  The California Department of Water Resources, in conjunction with University of California, Davis are building a California Irrigation Management Information Station (CIMIS) on the campus.  This is a big part of our foundational program.  We would greatly appreciate Technical/ Ag Industry support as we move forward.
THere are always ways that parents can help to support and be involved in the school.  Please contact the office or talk with staff to see how you can help.  It is your school, supporting your student's education, so please help us make it the absolute best that it can be.     
Perry D. Jensen